SUNFLUID | FASTEST press brake in its class.

Since its establishment in 1988, SUNFLUID has grown into a household name in the sheet-metal machinery manufacturing industry.

Recognised by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) as a leading M&E company in Malaysia, SUNFLUID Engineering manufactures various types of hydraulic machines, with press capacities ranging from 20 to 3,000 tonnes for the local market and for export to ASEAN countries, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

SABREFAB, as the assembler for SUNFLUID, has successfully revamped its machinery to provide –

  • Advanced Italian technology
  • High precision results
  • Top-notch after-sales service

And, most importantly, all of the above, at an affordable price.

Our mutual understanding of the importance of precision in all functions, unique details and aspects has helped us acquire the vast clientele we now serve. This build quality and attention to detail ensure that the machines we deliver, in turn, yield the optimal production capacity to serve our clients’ business requirements

Through our partnership with SUNFLUID, we’ve built a community of experts that build machines to best suit our clients’ needs. 



Precision Multi Axes CNC Press Brake



  • 4 + 1 : Y1-Y2-X-R+C
  • CNC control mod
  • 4 + 1 AXES : Y1-Y2-X-R-C

High performance press brake

  • Bending force : 60 Ton, 110 Ton, 170 Ton
  • Frame proportional deflection compensation
  • system G-Reflex
  • Bolted modular rack, no welding stress
  • Hydraulic crowning system
  • Back gauge system : 2 Axis
  • Safety control module
  • Simple type front support

GHM 25


  • 4 : Y1-Y2-X-R
  • CNC control mod
  • 4 AXES : Y1-Y2-X-R

Mini press brake

  • Sophisticated design and small footprint
  • Bending force : 25 Ton
  • Usable bending length : 1250mm
  • Simple type front support


Special Application


The tandem press brake is combined by 2 sets of large, parallel configured hydraulic press brakes through a synchronous servo system and an electrical control system. The synchronous servo system allows the 2 upper beams to synchronise its position during approach and return.

Standard Features


G-Flex Anti Deflection

Automatic Hydraulic Crowning

Precision Back Gauge

Heavy Industry Press Brake


Heavy Industry Press Brake

  • Bending force : 1600 Ton, 2000 Ton
  • Bending length : from 10m to 12m


  • Front and rear push system
  • Heavy front support with rollers
  • Automatic adjustable dies and holders
  • CNC dynamic automatic crowning systems
  • Double hydraulic compensation system
  • Automatic multi-point compensation workbench
  • Automatic storage mold library
  • Side push system
  • Oil cooling system
  • Industrial air conditioner