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  • Benefit from its increase in resale value.

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  • Develops a repair and refurbishment plan to meet the standards our customers expect.
  • Provides a “direct from factory” warranty.

With this, you can have the peace of mind to invest in these refurbished machines as you know you will be getting quality machinery at a great price with no lead time.

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Equipment for Assembling of Shell-to-Shell or Head to Shell No. 2123


Brand HAEUSLER, Type Clamp Standard

Year of construction 2007
Top condition

Equipment for assembling medium weight
cylindrical sections and wind mill towers.


  • Diameter range: max. 5’500 mm,
    min. 1’800 mm
  • Length: max. 3’000 mm, min. 1’500 mm
  • Wall thickness: max. 40 mm, min. 10 mm
Bending Machine
Special Machine

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