Strong Quality Poles. Economically Priced.

Traditionally a machine-building company, we at SABREFAB leverage on our metal fabrication knowledge and years of experience to serve a niche market here in this region of Malaysia – pole fabrication. 

In our efforts to be an integrated service provider, we offer:

  • Steel plate supply 
  • Pole fabrication
  • Welding
  • Galvanizing
  • Transport & installation

Our focus is on the production of mostly ‘medium to large’ slip-joint poles – 24m, 30m, 45m.


Utilising the latest version of the computer aided design (CAD) platform, SOLIDWORKS, our specialised engineers are able to maximise data validation and analysis to ensure the facilitation of :

Performance Evaluation

Quality Improvement


All the way through from design to manufacturing.

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis takes into account how wind load would affect the poles. The pole is then designed to be validated to withstand the wind-speed of 35m/s and meet minimum deflection requirements. 

As per the von Mises yield strength criterion, a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is carried out to ensure the strength and safety of the structure before it is built. The stress concentration is visualized through the colour plot to understand the distribution of stress across the body of the structure. 

To maximise efficiency and minimise your total cost of deployment, we capitalise on automation. Our poles are fabricated & bent using specialised machines. From there, we take them through to be welded, galvanized, transported and installed. As SABREFAB does everything from start to end, we can confidently promise you faster turnaround times. 

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